New Regular Income Bond From Barclays Wealth

A new Regular Income Bond has been launched by Barclays Wealth offering monthly or annual income.

Regular Income BondThe new Income Bond is FTSE-linked and offers investors the opportunity to get a frequent, dependable level of income.

The annual option pays 5.60% for each year the plan is held, while the monthly option gives investors 0.46% each month.

The Bond runs for 6 years, maturing 12 December 2016, and the minimum investment is £5,100.

Lisa Chaudhuri, vice president at Barclays Wealth, says: “With interest rates continuing to stay at record lows, and consensus suggesting they may stay there for some time to come, investors are having to look further afield for alternative means of deriving income.

Some options, such as alternative investment funds and equity income funds offer a higher level of income but come with an increased level of risk.”

Whether annual or monthly, investors’ capital is lost if at any time during the term the FTSE falls to more that 50% below its starting level and is below the starting level at maturity. In this scenario capital will be lost on a 1:1 basis.

Full details of this product can be found at

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