VAT Rises Force Brits To Rethink Subscription TV Services

Published: 5 January 2011 By MoneyHighStreet Staff 1 Comment
Updated: 13 February 2011

Rising VAT and costs of living are forcing one in five Brits to consider cancelling their TV subscription services in an attempt to improve their personal finances.

Watching Home CinemaWith VAT rising to 20% and Government austerity measures starting to bite, Brits are looking for ways to reduce their monthly outgoings.

Research by Freesat , the subscription-free Satellite TV service, and Psychologist Dr Brian Young has discovered that one in five Brits want to get out of their pay TV subscription service, and will be cutting back considerably in January.

Regular direct debit payments often hide the true costs of paid-for TV which can amount to £1,249 over five years for Sky TV and £1,067.20 for Virgin Media over the same period.

In contrast, Freesat – which is subscription-free Satellite TV service is £115.78 for life, however the number of channels and specialist coverage such as sports and movies are likely to less comprehensive than paid-for TV services.

Access to a smaller number of TV channels may not be a problem for many consumers, however, as other recent research indicates that 60% of those subscribing to Sky TV only watch free TV channels.

“We found a lot of channel wastage among people who are paying for hundreds of channels but only watching a handful.”, says Emma Scott, Freesat Managing Director.

“Britons are increasingly waking up to the fact that good TV needn’t come with a hefty monthly price tag. As we face tough times ahead it’s only right that households reassess the value of the services they receive.”, she added.

Freesat is a subscription-free satellite TV service offering digital television to everyone in the UK. It offers more than 140 TV, radio and interactive channels, including free HD services from ITV and the BBC; Freesat+ to record, pause and rewind; BBC iPlayer, with ITV Player coming soon; all for free.

MoneyHighStreet Comment:

We have had a good experience with Freesat, having moved from Sky TV some time ago. From the comments at the bottom of that article, it seems that we are not the only ones!


One Response to “VAT Rises Force Brits To Rethink Subscription TV Services”
  1. james avery says:

    WE have been with freesat from the day it was launched and as pensioners
    are completely satisfied except i would like to see more football matches.

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