What Is Vodafone Passport And How Much Does It Cost?

If you are a Vodafone customer and want to use your mobile phone or smartphone abroad, then you may be interested in the Vodafone Passport plan.

Vodafone PassportThere have been well publicised horror stories of people being faced with bills of hundreds, or even thousands, of pounds for their mobile phone usage, whilst travelling abroad on holiday.

Whilst new EU regulations limit the charges that mobile phone companies can charge their customers for using their phones in Europe, it is still easy to rack up large bills, particularly if you use mobile broadband services abroad.

Vodafone Passport is a free opt in package for Vodafone customers that offers clearly defined pricing for the use of Vodafone tethered phones in over 35 countries, including most of Europe and further afield in New Zealand and Australia.

The benefit of the Vodafone Passport addon plan is that your standard home call rate applies to calls back to UK numbers, or phones within the country your are visiting, and you can use your monthly call minute allowances for these too.

Vodafone do charge a 75p connection charge, both for making and receiving each call. To receive a call lasting less than 60 minutes is free, however a charge of 20p per minute applies for calls longer than the first hour.

Under the Passport plan, it costs 11p to send a text back to the UK, however you cannot use your monthly allowance for text messages, whilst abroad.

There are no costs associated with subscribing to the Vodafone Passport service, other than the charges just outlined. Vodafone customers merely can call 5555 on their phone to set it up or use their online account to subscribe.

Vodafone Passport plans are also available for business users travelling to the countries in which it is available.


  1. michael meager says

    so passport charges are changing…….I use this service as I work in Germany.What are my options to acheive cheaper rates on my calls to the UK??

  2. says

    you sent me an email telling me that prices for passport are changing. I tried looking for details, but
    there are none on this site Will you please either send me an email or a text to my phone and let me
    know just what is going to happen with passport.

    • michael parsonage says

      Received txt about vodafonepassport charge changes from 1st.July,but cannot find any info on your site.can you please enlighten me. Regards

  3. M Tysall says

    I do not know whether I am a passport customer, perhaps you could enlighten me on this as I shall be travelling to Italy this weekend. Can you help? Is there any charge?. Many thanks.

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