Apple’s iPhone 4 Is Back In The Top 3 Favourite Mobiles

The iPhone 4 dropped to seventh place in the Mobile Tracker but has fought back against Android smartphones to move back into the top 3 for March.

iPhone 4The uSwitch Mobile Tracker, which ranks the most popular mobiles based on live searches and sales, shows for March the iPhone 4 back up in 3rd place, sitting behind the HTC Desire and HTC Desire HD, both Android powered phones.

Interestingly, Android has maintained its 50% stranglehold on the charts, further intensifying the battle between the tech giants of Apple and Google.

The biggest fallers include the Blackberry Curve 8250, falling 2 places and the Blackberry Torch dropping 1 place.

The HTC Wildfire has also dropped 2 places as a result of HTC’s falling prices which has enabled more budget conscious consumeers to opt for the HTC Desire.

Clearly there is some healthy competition going on.

Top 10 handsets (tracked by live sales and searches on

#HandsetPowered byComment
1HTC DesireAndroidComes free on many tariffs, can get from as little as £15 per month
2HTC Desire HD AndroidNon-Mover this month
3Apple iPhone 4 (16GB)AppleFlurry of attractive offers available for the best iPhone 4 deal
4Samsung Galaxy SAndroidUp 1 place
5HTC WildfireAndroidDown 2 places, made way for the iPhone 4
6Blackberry Curve 8520RIMDown 2 places
7Nokia 1800SymbianNew Entry
8Motorola FLIPOUTAndroidNew Entry
9Blackberry Torch 9800RIMDown 1
10Nokia N8SymbianNew Entry, complete with 12-megapixel camera creating interest

Ernest Doku, technology expert at, comments: “For the second month in a row Android has taken another big chunk out of Apple, which will be sure to leave a sweet taste in Google’s mouth.

Maintaining its dominance in the top ten is a clear statement that the search giant won’t be loosening its vice-like grip on the mobile market anytime soon.

He added “The exciting iPhone deals currently on offer mean that consumers can finally lay their hands on the object of their desire without breaking the bank.

Three offers an almost unbeatable 2,000 cross-network minutes plus 5,000 minutes to Three networks, 5,000 texts, all-you-can-eat data and even a free cover for just £30 a month plus £69 upfront.”

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