The UK’s First iPhone Share Dealing App Launched

SimplyStockbroking, an execution-only broker has launched the UK’s first share dealing App for the iPhone.

iPhone share dealing AppThe iPhone App, which is free for SimplyStockbroking clients to download, allows investors to buy and sell stocks and shares, review their portfolio and check their account balances. Users can also place limit as well as market orders.

Investors looking to use this App can download it from the App Store via iTunes.

Commenting on this new use of the iPhone, Stephen Pinner, Chairman, SimplyStockbroking, said:

“Our new and exclusive iPhone App is totally secure and incredibly easy to use. Investors simply need to log into their account using their PIN and follow the on screen instructions to buy and sell shares.”

“We offer the lowest genuine share dealing rates on the market, with no complicated terms and conditions, no restrictive volume-related deals to get our best rate and no pernicious inactivity charges. We simply charge £8 a trade with no strings attached.”

You can visit the SimplyStockbroking web site to learn more information about their low cost execution-only trading facilities and investor information about stocks and shares.

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