Homeowners Too Trusting With Sporting Equipment

Published: 28 August 2010 By Diane Ray Leave a Comment
Updated: 28 August 2010

Homeowners are too trusting with their sporting equipment, opening themselves up to thieves looking to grab a sporting windfall.

Home InsuranceNew research from specialist home insurance provider Hiscox shows that a huge array of expensive sporting equipment, including golf clubs and watersports gear, is potentially being left unsecured and not covered buy home insurance in garages and gardens.

With an average value to homeowners of £770 this carries a significant risk.

Over half admit to storing the equipment in their gardens and car boots to give them easy access as they use it more frequently during the warmer months. Worryingly though, over a quarter also admit they don’t always secure their garages and outbuildings effectively.

Over a third have no idea whether their expensive kit is covered by their home insurance and 15% openly declare it’s not covered.

One fifth of homeowners own more than £1,000 worth of sporting goods with 6% owning over £2,000 worth of kit – from mountain and off-road bikes, tennis racquets, golf clubs, hiking equipment, weights and fishing rods. Many also have watersports kit, including wetsuits, surfboards, water-skis and scuba diving equipment.

Austyn Tusler, home insurance expert at Hiscox, comments: “The value of sports equipment can really add up as people pursue outdoor activities and invest in sophisticated and expensive kit.

It’s easy for homeowners to focus on new equipment and items they use more regularly, overlooking what might be stored at the back of the shed and seasonal items, such as fishing rods, skis and watersports equipment.

“Furthermore, the research highlights that opportunistic thieves could find they have more than a sporting chance to make off with a treasure trove of expensive sports kit left unsecured. It’s important that homeowners work out how much it might cost to replace their kit to make sure they are fully covered under their contents policy – both inside and outside the home.”

Hiscox covers sports equipment both inside and outside the home under the contents section of the policy – visit www.hiscox.co.uk for further information.

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