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How to Transfer Money to the UK When Working Abroad

How to transfer money to the UK when working abroad
With much of the UK employment market in decline, increasing numbers of us are living and working abroad. But how do you avoid high exchange rates or commission charges when it’s time to transfer money to the UK? Read more »

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Is it Worth Paying For Faster Airport Transfers?

August Bank Holiday will see many Brits heading for European city breaks. These can be great breaks but can be costly. Is it worth adding to the cost by taking express airport transfers into the city? Or can your money be better used elsewhere? Read more »

20 August 2014, 1:04PM

Euro Stronger Against the Pound

The Euro against the Pound strengthened today after the Pound still struggled in the aftermath of the weaker inflation data reported last week. Read more »

19 August 2014, 7:32PM

Pound Starts the Week Stronger

The Pound has started the week in a stronger position than it ended last week following comments by the Bank of England Governor over the weekend. Read more »

18 August 2014, 8:39PM