Property in Spain ''popular for holiday homes and with those emigrating''

Street in Spain square
Spain remains popular both with people considering buying property as holiday homes and with those looking to move abroad permanently, an industry expert has said.

Paul Collins, property editor at the BuyAssociation, explained that people were still considering buying property in Spain, despite the fact other countries around the world have become more popular in recent years.

Mr Collins added that people tended to look at different countries depending on whether they were looking for a holiday home or a permanent residence outside of the UK.

"If you are looking at holiday homes then generally speaking people will look at Europe," he added. "Spain, France and Portugal are still very popular."

In contrast, Mr Collins said that people considering emigrating "are looking at a different set of criteria". As a result, "Australia, New Zealand and Canada are all emigration favourites as well as Spain", he concluded.

Recent figures from indicated that searches for property in Spain were some of the most popular in the period between January and May this year.

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