Norwich Union Healthcare Private Medical Insurance adds Fitness First and Livingwell to discount scheme

Norwich Union Private Medical Insurance customers can now benefit from cheaper health club membership at Fitness First and Livingwell fitness clubs.

Norwich Union Healthcare

Discounts range from 15-40% depending on which health club is chosen.

As well as discounts at Fitness First and Livingwell clubs, discounts are also available at Bodysense, Kinetika and Fitness Express health clubs, as well as a range of independent facilities.

Head of Propositions Management & Market Development at Norwich Union Healthcare, Rebecca Freebody, commented ‘Norwich Union Healthcare is committed to the health and wellbeing of our customers and this is the first of a number of exciting initiatives we’re launching this year, designed to help our customers lead a healthier lifestyle.’

Norwich Union Helathcare, founded in 1990, is the healthcare arm of Norwich Union and is one of the largest providers of private medical insurance in the UK.


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    I think it is good that private insurers overseas are working to avoid the catastrophic mess that we have made of our health care system in America. Unfortunately, I have noted through my experience that you will not see high participation until you penalize the participants for not maintaining healthy lifestyle habits. There are also many other health practices like taking proper medication and having regular exams and tests that will play into this scenario. If these are not identified and fixed-most effectively through coercion- you will be left with a lot of sick people and expensive hospital bills.

    I am currently with a Maryland based company that identifies risk groups through data mining and predictive modeling and subsequently works one on one with the patients to become compliant in care gaps and wellness efforts. In conclusion, I commend your desire to create a well population and hope your efforts pay off. Please visit my website if you would like to read about our company. Thanks.

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