HSBC extends 1.99% mortgage offer again

HSBC is extending its market leading 1.99% mortgage offer until the end of October.

HSBC mortgage offer
HSBC launched its 1.99% discounted variable rate mortgage on 1st September and then extended the scheme by adding a further £500 million of funds late in September.

This mortgage has been so popular that HSBC are now making a further £500 million of mortgage funding available so that this mortgage deal can now run to the end of October.

The deal has led to a total of £245 million of discount mortgages having been sold during September alone.

Commenting on the success of this mortgage offer, Martijn van der Heijden, head of mortgages at HSBC, said:  “Our range of mortgages have topped the best buy tables for most of the year.”

“We made a commitment to stay open for business and extending the 1.99 per cent mortgage is part of that.”

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