Clampi computer virus threatens online banking customers

The Clampi computer virus is threatening thousands of online banking customers as it captures login information such as your password.

Clampi virus infects PC

The Clampi virus is a new trojan that is attacking computers in the UK and USA. It is installed on to a PC when a user visits an infected web site and then waits until the user visits a financial web site.

This is clearly a security threat that can be overcome with anti virus software that detects and disinfects trojan viruses.

The virus monitors Internet browsing and when it detects that the user is visiting one of the 4,500 financial web sites, including UK banks, it captures the login information and then sends it to the hackers who use the data to hack into accounts.

It is not just online banks that are being attacked, but other financial sites such as credit card accounts, mortgage lenders, online casinos and the major online shops.

Only computers running various Windows operating systems are affected.  The virus cannot install itself on Linux based systems.

Users should ensure that their anti virus software is up to date and should also consider using the excellent MalwareBytes anti virus software to detect and quarantine trojans such as the Clampi virus.

Internet users should also be very careful about clicking links and opening suspicious emails that could send them to a web site that infects their PC with the Clampi virus.

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