UK backpackers to Thailand top travel insurance claims

British backpackers taking trips to Thailand top the number of people who filed travel insurance claims in 2009, it was reported.

Insurance firm InsuranceandGo said backpackers’ claims following a trip to Thailand account for 22 percent of all claims filed last year.

InsuranceGo founder Perry Wilson said that the jump in the number of travel insurance claims also highlights the growing number of crimes against tourists because of the lingering economic crunch. It is important to get good travel insurance and using comparison web sites such as can often help you find the best deals.

After Thailand, British backpackers to Australia comprise the next group filing travel insurance claims, followed by visitors to India.

Wilson said, “We believe crime around the world is increasing because of the global economic crisis, which is why we are seeing a big rise in claims.”

He added that the annual travel insurance claims filed by UK backpackers amounted to more than £6 million, with personal luggage claims accounting for 40 percent of this total, and medical expenses more than 33 percent. Lost documents and lost money accounted for more than 10 percent of claims.

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