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Vodafone has a new TopUp and Go Mobile broadband offering. It gives internet access when you need it but does not tie you to a monthly contract. There’s no fuss, no monthly bill, just flexible mobile broadband when you need it.

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Vodafone state that the download speeds are faster than 3G with speeds of up to 3.6Mbps and their coverage reaches 80% of the UK. They have a mobile coverage check facility where you can just enter your postcode or place name and it’ll check coverage for you.

According to Vodafone they are ‘doubling our network capability this year utilizing 14.4Mbps, 21.6Mbps and higher technologies. This means even more of our customers will enjoy greater reliability and better average connection speeds on their existing devices.’

As at February 2011, the TopUp and Go USB modem stick costs £25 and it comes with a £15 TopUP. This gives you 2GB of data and lasts for up to 30 days. (If you’re an occasional or regular user and do want a monthly plan, you can currently get 3 months 1/2 price line rental on 18 month plans and get a free dongle – see the Vodafone website for more details).

As comparison,the equivalent from

3 – Pay as You Go + 3 costs £30.99 – pay as you go mobile broadband preloaded with 3GB and valid for 3 months or if you only need 1GB of data it costs £20.99

02 – Pay and Go Mobile Broadband costs £35.73 – including 2GB of data valid for 1 month and unlimited Wi-Fi

The Vodafone USB Modem for TopUp and Go comes in white, pink and blue. You can see for yourself and buy online on the Vodafone website.

Finally it is important to remember that as we covered in our Vodafone mobile broadband review earlier this year they do offer a number of plans based on longer term commitments and monthly payments. If you do not need the flexibility of a topup and go solution then you may benefit from pay monthly mobile broadband.

Vodafone TopUp and Go Mobile Broadband Reviews

It’s always good to see reviews of a product or service, here are a couple about this PAYG mobile broadband

‘i would really recomend dis product to anyone because it was so simple to install and i was on the internet within 5 minutes it is so worth the mmoney to buy it i would recoment this to anyone that didnt want any long term contract and would be great for any age i ave the blue one and the colour is fab!!’

‘well worth the money and perfect for kids to keep up with theyre online social lives. easy to understand and simple to setup.’


  1. says

    I purchased the K3565 USB Stick from Vodafone for thirty nine sterling and I got the box home and the sim card was not registered, I returned the item for one with a working sim and then installed the USB Stick on a Acer Aspire One Netbook. I could not get the VMC LIte software to get me connected via the system software from the USB Stick, but happily it also installs a PPP DialUP in the network connections section of the Windows XP Professional, Just click on Network Connections in Control Panel and you should see a Vodafone Dialup for the Huawei E160X and double click the iconc or right click over the icon and click connect. Then if you still have problems getting the device to connect to a Vodafone 3G Network then try changing the Network tab in the Dial UP Settings on the PPP Dial UP in the Network Connection from Control Panel. Anyway the connection is fast and is reliable and I am very fond of this Item and for a low casual usage or for emergency backup connection when you need to send email then this has 80% UK Coverage and the device has a GPRS and 3G Modem connection facility in the VMC LIte software via Manage Devices.


  2. Allan Jones says

    It’s not quite true to say ‘…the data purchased doesn’t expire after a certain time.’ If you make no use of the network in a period of about 6 months (I think the figure is 180 days) you lose evrything – your £15 and the use of Topup and Go.

  3. KMS says

    I have very occasional use for mobile internet access, such as when travelling on a train without wi-fi, and searched for the best option last summer for my requirements. I found the vodafone Top up & go was perfect, with indefinite validity on the £15.00 top up.

    I now find, as your post from P.B., that Vodafone have changed their conditions and any new top up is only valid for 30 days, despite assurances when purchasing from Vodafone, that his would not happen.

    What a rip-off. I have used £3.26 of my initial £15.00 top up in 6 months, and now, once I have used the remainder, it will cost me £15.00 a month for the benefit of having access if I need it.

    Vodafone’s only comment was that they had sent me a text telling me the conditions were about to change. Needless to say, the text never arrived.

    It will be interesting, and probably frustrating, to see how they intend to stitch up their existing customers next.

  4. evelyn says

    bought the usb stick for mobile broadband. vodafone.last month .now finding it difficult to top up using a voucher.it will be better with a swip card.just need to top up and go.

  5. Marie says

    I put £15 per month on my ‘dongle’ this has been getting me 3G of internet usage, now I am topping up £15 per month and I am only getting 2G per month, have Vodafone changed the price?? Any comments would be helpful, thank you….

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