Pay E.ON Energy Bills With Tesco Clubcard

E.ON has been a Tesco Clubcard partner for a number of years but now the partnership is being extended to allow customers to pay E.ON energy bills with their Tesco Clubcard.

Tesco Clubcard E.ON Energy BillsThe  new enhanced deal will man that 50% will be added to the value of the Tesco Clubcard points.

This means that £10 of the points can be used to pay £15 of E.ON bills.

Diane Ray from comments ‘With ever higher energy bills, this is welcome news. It really is a case of the Tesco phrase ‘every little helps’ ringing true. It’s also a great way to reward customers for their loyalty to both brands’

This deal follows British Gas joining the Nectar loyalty scheme and partnering with Sainsbury’s.

The new Tesco/E.ON deal will intitially be trialled for a period but if both companies consider it successful will be extended. It currently excludes customers on E.ON’s StayWarm, WarmAssist Fixed and Age UK tariffs and those with prepayment meters.

You do have to be an E.ON customer to take advantage of this offer – if you are not already one it is easy to switch energy supplier.

Get more details on the Tesco website.

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