Households Worry About Energy Bills This Winter

Published: 25 October 2010 By MoneyHighStreet Staff 1 Comment

The majority of householders are worried about their energy bills as long range weather forecasters predict another hard winter is in store.

Central heating boiler control panelResearch by uSwitch has revealed that 61% of UK households are worried about the cost of their energy bills this winter.

Long range weather predictions are not comforting for most householders as there is a strong chance that this winter will be as bad as the last one.

Temperatures may be as cold as last winter says Jonathan Powell, senior forecaster at Positive Weather Solutions, who have a good track record in predicting long range weather conditions.

This will be particularly worrying for the two in every ten households that are struggling to pay their energy bills already. The number of households suffering from fuel poverty has risen substantially over recent years.

A further 19 million households intend to cut back on their energy usage, although a significant number of those may try and do without heating altogether in a bid to save money.

Switching energy supplier for the best energy deals helps reduce fuel bills, though cutting down too much in cold conditions can be dangerous, as Ann Robinson Director of Consumer Policy at, points out:

“Before cutting back on energy usage, I would urge consumers to speak to their energy supplier about the help they could get with energy efficiency and to then ensure that they are paying as little as possible for the energy they use by moving to a more competitive energy plan. By taking these steps hopefully households can keep a lid on their winter fuel bill without having to take drastic and potentially dangerous measures.”


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