Buying a new car – haggle and shop around for finance and car insurance

If you’re buying a new car, failing to haggle and check out both financing and car insurance costs before driving off the forecourt could leave you considerably out of pocket.

Car Insuranceesure car insurance reveals that despite having only just come out of a recession, nearly a third (33 per cent) of motorists polled in recent research would not consider haggling on their next car purchase – even though hefty savings could be made.

Nearly 50% don’t research the various types of finance or credit deals available before looking to buy a new car. Many sign up to a hire purchase agreement with their car dealer which may not be the best financial option for them – what about personal loan or even credit card deals for example that could help with the purchase?

Motorists are also failing to do their homework when it comes to car insurance. Eight per cent of motorists surveyed admit they wouldn’t get an insurance quote before choosing a new car and a further 16 per cent said they wouldn’t find out the car’s insurance group either – both of which could potentially add significantly to a new car’s running costs.

Shopping around for car insurance, finance and undertaking some haggling are all required if you are to get the best overall deal when buying a new car.

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