McDonalds Parking Charges And How To Deal With Them

Have you received a very unwelcome letter in the post from Met Parking Services demanding a £50 payment because you had exceeded a time limit when parking at a McDonalds restaurant?

I got back from a trip abroad to find a very official looking letter complete with photos of our car which Met claimed had infringed the 75 minute parking limit at our local McDonalds.

“What are McDonalds doing fining their customers?”, plus a load of expletives was my first reaction. The next was to find out if the fine was legitimate and to get it cancelled.

I went straight to the manager at the McDonalds and demanded to know what was going on.

He had obviously dealt with quite a few complaints from furious customers and said that he would help get the charge cancelled.

Once he was convinced that I was a bona fide customer, he phoned Met parking customer services with my parking charge notice number and said that I would be phoning them also to challenge the charge.

Met parking cancelled the parking charge notice straight away once the McDonalds manager had spoken to them. When I rand a few minutes later, Met confirmed that the charge had been wiped off their system.

So if you get a Met parking charge when at McDonalds this is what to do – assuming that you are actually a boa fide customer and are not abusing their parking (which is what caused McDonalds to get Met Parking involved).

  1. Go and speak to the McDonalds Manager and explain that you are a regular customer and hadn’t seen the signs in the car park, or the kids were playing in the play area. It is important that you are honest, polite and reasonable and to show that you were not abusing their car park.
  2. If he agrees to help, the Manager can phone or email Met Parking to request that the charge be cancelled. It seems that Met Parking will take the Manager’s word and cancel it straight away as happened to me.
  3. If you know that you are going to stay at a McDonalds longer than the stated time limit then give your registration and make of car to the supervisor or Manager. They can go onto a Met Parking web site to register your registration number so that Met Parking do not charge you.

It seems that McDonalds have been forced to adopt these Draconian parking policies and do not like upsetting their bona fide customers, which is why the managers will help you out as long as you can show that you are a customer of theirs and are not tieing up one of their parking spaces whilst doing non McDonalds business.

The Manager at my local McDonalds must be applauded for the way in which he dealt with my complaint, however there is a lot information on the Internet about the scare tactics that Met Parking Services use.

Hopefully this information will help you if you find yourself in the same situation.

Added 27 August 2010

I heard this morning about two women who have received the threatening letters from MET Parking Services after visiting McDonalds. Apparently both had popped into the restaurant, on different occasions, and then returned an hour later to buy something else. That contravenes the McDonalds terms and conditions, apparently, (I guess that they don’t want repeat business from their customers!) and that triggered action by Met.

Sadly both ladies paid up the £50. It really makes me wonder how many other people are being intimidated by these “parking fines” and just paying up. Met must be making a fortune and I’m surprised that McDonalds is retaining its customers with the way in which it is treating them.


  1. Phil G says

    Well I’ve tried to do all of this, and to no avail. No discretional derogation here; just “put it in writing to MET, sir”.

    I must say, I’m livid. My visit was bona fide, and their treatment of a (formerly) regular customer is atrocious. Talk about a stone-walling – it’s worse than dealing with a local government! MacDonalds and MET should be ashamed of themselves.

    The first I knew of these charges was when I received their Parking Charge Notice – I went back to the restaurant, and yes, the signs are there – the biggest one (still rather small print) was right by the entrance from a busy roundabout. There were multiple smaller signs with the same information, but none you’d be able to read, or would notice from a car.

    So it’s £50 flushed down the drain – I’m so upset with them, I’ve resolved to share this irksome experience on-line. I think I’d rather do that than engage in their paper chase.

    • danny boy says

      This is the second time that I have received a ‘Parking notice’ letter from a parking company. I bought food and a coffee and spent about 80 minutes in McDonalds while completing some work.

      This is what happened:
      1) About two months later I received the first letter containing photographic evidence of my vehicle
      entering and leaving the premises – threat £60
      2) Three weeks later I received another letter without photographic evidence – threat £80
      3) Then every fortnight I received a letter with words “INVITE you to declare whether you were the
      driver, this account will be passed to our litigation team and legal action MAY commence, the case
      MAY be referred…. – the fine was increased to £120
      4) After 4 threatening letters, I started to receive a letter every week, for 2 weeks, containing the
      words – NOTICE OF PROPOSED LITiGATION in bold letters.

      5) The final letter I received included the following
      Current Amount outstanding – £150
      Solicitors Fee for letter – £50
      Court Fee for issue of claim form – £30
      Solicitors cost for getting judgement – £25
      Predicted amount outstanding – £255
      Current balance / Total amount due if paid within 7 days: £150

      Within the letter there were also phrases like ” avoiding payment, will be referred to our client who MAY give their approval to apply for a County Court Judgement against you. IF legal action is necessary , the amount MAY increase.
      Notice the use of the words MAY, IF.

      6) I did not respond to this final letter and the letters have now stopped.

      However, I do understand that some people misuse the parking at McDonalds, and therefore honest customers are sometimes treated unfairly. I would suggest a system where paying customers can notify McDonalds of their number plate details inside the restaurant, to avoid situations like this in the future. Some hospitals and other food chains use this system effectively.

    • Tony reilly says

      I got stung by McDonald’s and met parking in pencoed , s. Wales. After my car suffered a flat battery. The manager was practically useless and did nothing.
      I have never visited mcdonalds since, no coffee, breakfast or rubbish burgers since and our office now use a healthy alternative. I have lost 5 kilos and will never go there again. Karma is my philosophy. It’s rubbish cheap food made to rip you off. Good luck to all of you on your appeals too.

  2. says

    we have have been fined find by mcdonald car parks .it was un fair ,the parking comany are liars
    and thieves and run a mickey mouse operation.after years of being a customer i am now finished
    with them. thay make it as hard as thay can to paye the fine so thay can charge you more.there web
    site dos not work properly. BUT WHAT CAN YOU DO.

  3. Carlton Dodd says

    I visited Mc Donalds Marl Road Wandsworth on 25 Oct this year. Bought a big mac and ate it in my car. At no time did I see any signs large enough to make it clear there was a time restriction.
    Received the Penalty notice this morning 4th November.
    No more Mc donalds for me.

  4. Ray says

    My wife got a demand for £100.She was a regular customer in school holidays with neighbours and children and had no idea about the new restrictions.

    We are refusing to pay, and are happy to go to Court (if they dare) and will argue that no contract existed on the basis it was unreasonable to see the signs, and McDonalds made no efforts to tell customers inside the restaurant. I have taken photos of the entrance in evidence.

    These are not fines, they are invoices which can only be enforced by the County Court which you can defend.

    We sent Met parking Services an exclusion notice telling them that can no longer contact us unless via the Court or they will be in breach of contract. They have ignored this and sent and invoice for £150. I will shortly be sending them an invoice for breach on contract for £500.

    Bring it on!

  5. michael says

    Just received a MET parking services penalty charge notice for parking in mac donalds from 20. 37 to 22. 17 !!!

    I was in there getting something to eat and drink with my son!!!! we sat in the car .

    I dont intend paying the “fine” and will welcome any advice. Needless to say this is the LAST time I will ever use mac donalds !!

    • MoneyhighStreet Staff says

      I would go and ask to see the Manager at that McDonalds and politely ask him to rescind the “fine”, which he can do by phoning MET up. If that McDonalds is too far away to visit, phone them up and ask to speak to the Manager.

      As long as you are polite and explain that you were not abusing their car parking space then I would be confident that you will get the fine cancelled, as I did.

      The impression that I got from the Manager I spoke to was that this had been forced upon the restuarants by central office and that they were getting an earful from annoyed, previously loyal customers. As a consequence as long as you have a valid reason for spending more than the alloted time in their car park, they would be pleased to try and cancel the penalty for you.

  6. paddy says

    Hi I to have recd on 07.05.11 a fine from MET for allegedly staying 169mins at my local mcdonalds
    However the photos attached as apparent evidence actually show my car ENTERING on 2 different occasions They even show the road markings that indicate i was driving INTO the car park
    I too was absolutly livid with this and went to speak to the Staff and also took the opportunity to ask other customers to verify that there is only 1 way in to the car park. As others have said the staff are most helpful but i was not prepared to leave the original copy of the fine with them so i went away to get a copy the took it back to the Duty Manager who said he would send an email for me. I did say i didnt want another fine for coming back with the document
    I still intend taking this further as mcdonalds have a duty to ensure their customers are not harrased by third parties
    We shall see what happens next

  7. says

    I to recieved a parking charge from MET after parking at a McDonalds in Solihull. I have been searching for information on others who have had the same letter. Unfortunately the advice that makes the most sense i.e. returning to see the manager and having a sensible chat about the reasons for the parking contravention is flawed. The restaurant is over 150 miles away so a visit would invlove a 300 mile round trip. This would mean the only benefit would be to pay money for diesel and waste time assuming the manager is reasonable and cancels the charge. You could end up still having the parking charge, the cost of diesel + wasted time and the possiblity of picking up another fine if your discussion with the manager takes too long.
    My course of action is going to be this:
    Pay the charge! ( This avoids any unecessary accumulation of the amount in question)
    Contact McDonalds in writing to the complaints dept.
    In this complaint letter you must stipulate that there is an administation fee for the letter. This you have to cap at £12.50 due to financial regulations. You must also advise that if no reply is recieved within 14 days a reminder will be issued carrying the same administration charge. If no reply is recieved after this further letters will be issued at seven day intervals with accruing charges. Any unpaid charges relating to these correspondance will be subject to interest charges set at 7% + bank base rate.

    Never use a Mcdonalds again and advise all friends and family members to do the same. This is the only real power the consumer has in cases against devolved responsibility such as this.

    • MoneyhighStreet Staff says

      Andy, thanks for your comment, but why don’t you phone the Manager at the McDonalds in Solihull?

      It’s what I did first, when I received the “fine”. I then went to see him, only because it was round the corner from where we live.

      Phone him, be reasonable and polite and then you won’t have to pay the charge!

      You can find the telephone number by searching for Solihull on this page:

      You can use this restaurant locator to find the telephone number of any McDonalds in the UK, it seems.

  8. steve says

    Just got a ticket, Macdonalds E14, spoke to manager, nice guy, said write into head office. He thought I wasnt taking advantage of the parking, only 17 minutes over. But did say Met Parking, were a big company and should pay if it comes to it. So maybe he isnt as nice as I first thought.

    All websites say just put the letters in the cupboard, and forget about it, I will try, not easy.

    I spend about three hundred a year on Big Mac Meals, no longer, if this isnt sorted quickly.

    • MoneyhighStreet Staff says

      Great video. Its a clip from a BBC Watchdog programme that covers the issue of parking tickets at McDonalds and the MET threats of legal action and credit rating damage.

      Recommended viewing for those who receive parking tickets from MET.

      Thanks for posting the link.

  9. mrsB says

    I have just this morning received a parking ticket from McDonald’s i checked the date and time and i was sat in there restaurant the whole time! I first rang the head office with the most stupid of managers when i said i was in there the whole time having coffees and food and a chit chat he said ” well there is a time limit” I replied so theres a time on how fast ”I HAVE TO EAT MY FOOD AND DRINK MY DRINKS” He said ”Yes” So i said so if i want to order more drinks or a desert and its gone over this time i can’t ? He said yes that’s right. I couldn’t believe it i said do you here what you are saying he said yes he dose! So im now changing to frankie & bennys! And they offer ” FREE ” coffee refiles all day long! I will also be canceling my sons birthday book there next month! I will gladly go to court i am not being bullied into paying this when i was sat inside spending money on there items!

    • MoneyhighStreet Staff says

      I’m sorry to hear about how unreceptive the McDonalds head office manager was. Have you spoken to the manager at the restaurant where you received the parking ticket?

      I would speak to the duty manager there in a polite way and explain that you were not abusing their parking spaces by shopping elsewhere etc., and that you were a bona fide customer who was buying their food, hence inadvertently staying longer than you intended.

      Ask him to cancel your parking ticket with MET. If you approach it in the right way then I am sure he will agree to that. They get a lot of stick from irate customers about their draconian and damaging parking policies.

  10. Steve UK says

    I received one of these letters this morning. My wife had a business meeting in the Oakenshaw Redditch restaurant a week ago, and stayed over the ‘allotted’ time. I phoned the branch and talked to the manager who said that she would deal with it. When I got there (10 mins later) she had gone home. Another manager gave me a card to contact the head office, so we have sent them an email. I have no intentions of paying this ‘fine’.
    The only thing is that there doesn’t seem to be any info on if these robbin’ b******ds have any legal power to enforce this demand of money. We all need to know if we have the right to refuse payment before more weak willed people keep handing over their hard earned cash for nothing.
    If anyone has some solid evidence rather than just ‘they can’t do that’ I would appreciate it!:-)

  11. Steve UK says

    OK, we’ve had a result. We send a firm but polite email to the McDonalds Customer Service Dept manager, and within 24 hours an email was received telling us that ‘on this occasion’ they would contact MET Parking Services and waive the ‘fine’.

    I would suggest that you do the following if you receive one of these Parking Charge Notices from MET…
    1. Go straight up to (or phone) the restaurant where you received the ticket and have a word with the manager there. In our case they gave us the business card of the Franchise Manager. These are his details for you…

    Steve Bennett
    Telephone: 08705 244 622
    Address: 11-59 High Road, East Finchley, London, N2 8AW.

    2. If the restaurant manager can’t/won’t do anything, send a straight but polite email to Steve Bennett. Like I said, he seems a good chap and we got sorted within 24 hours.

    3. If in your case you do not get anywhere with step 2, contact the Citizens Advice Bureau for legal information

    If I did not get anywhere and was told that I had no option to pay, I would not have paid. There are too may people online and people I’ve spoken to about this say that it is a national con. These people scare you into paying out your hard earned cash for nothing. I am sure that if you literally ignore everything from these crooks they will eventually go away, but I was well prepared to go to court over this. I quote article 12 of the Universal Code for Human Rights…
    Article 12.
    ‘No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.’

    The letter that we received back was this…

    ‘Thank you for your email regarding a parking charge which you received after visiting our restaurant situated in Coldfield Drive Redditch. I have noted your comments and welcome the opportunity to confirm our policy on this matter.

    As a company, putting in place enforcements within our car parks is only done after careful consideration and very much as a last resort. Primarily, we use parking measures to ensure there are spaces available for our customers’ vehicles, as well as to deter unwarranted or unreasonably prolonged usage of the facility.

    I can confirm this parking area is managed by an independent company who are responsible for monitoring the car park and taking details of registration numbers. The regulations and signs at the restaurant clearly state our policy and the relevant charges.

    We have a large number of regular customers that visit the restaurant frequently and for prolonged visits, our aim is to ensure that they are able to find a parking space and that their visit is an enjoyable one. I believe that members of the management team at the restaurant have explained that if a customer is planning on an extended visit we can enter their details on to our system to ensure that they are exempt from any charges at the time of that visit or any subsequent visit within a two hour period.

    On this occasion I can confirm that I have contacted MET Parking and requested that your charge be cancelled there is no need for you to take any further action.

    Finally I would like to thank you for taking the time to contact us and allowing us the opportunity to address your concerns and apologise for any inconvenience that has been caused. I can assure you that we are monitoring customer feedback along with comments from local residents and the police to determine if the scheme is a success.’

    Yours sincerely

    Steve Bennett
    Franchisee Supervisor

    So there you go. I lost a night sleep over these people. Not through worry, but frustration and anger. Suddenly the Big Mac doesn’t seem too appealing anymore! But at least we know that the Hamburgler is still at large in the form of MET Parking Services. A group that prefer to threaten and rob people than do a good honest days work. A week before Christmas too! What a bunch of a**h*les!

    • M. Deces says

      The driver and not the registered owner is liable.

      MET are relying on a contract being entered into when you entered the car park.

      For this contract to be upheld a notice must be clearly displayed and be legible.

      If you write back on appeal and refuse to name the driver then MET have no one to sue.

      This is a civil matter and you are under no obligation or liability whatsoever to voluntarily name and/or shame the driver.

      MET will write back denying the appeal and asking you to name the driver and threaten to obtain a court order to make you disclose your 1. insurance policy and/or a 2. disclosure order to name the driver and possibly at a later date a 3. Norwich Pharmacal Order to name the driver.

      1. The Court will not agree to.

      2. The Court is unlikely to issue in a civil case of this order.

      3. Not applicable [only applies to unlawful acts].

      If in the unlikely event that the matter proceeds to the County Court for judgement the Court will hold that the charge is not proportionate to the loss suffered and thus unenforceable “as is” under the contract.

      It therefor will be at the discretion of the Court whether the entire Contract is held null and void* or whether to apply a charge proportionate in the circumstances that reflects the loss suffered by MET.

      *A DJ on the ball will hold the charge to be a penalty and dismiss the case out of hand.

      MET have to prove loss. McDonalds Boreham is a free car park and generally is underpopulated during the week days [though on car auction days the car park can be abused].

      Technically MET suffer no loss as the Boreham car park exclusively serves McDonalds. Whatever, assuming that MET are bona fide agents of McDonalds then the loss of profit suffered by McDonalds Boreham-assuming that you have infact deprived someone of a parking space- is minimal. Say the average person spends £10 then the profit lost/loss is say £2. Add to this the £2.50 MET paid to get your details from the DVLA and perhaps £10 admin [everything is computerised and costs pennies to send]. Oh yes the car park is a free one. For the sums involved it would be a very very foolish company to proceed to Court under such circumstances.

      MET rely on peeps ignorance of the law and attempt to grind you down with a barrage of letters. They play a percentage game.

      If the matter goes to Court then in your response to the summons demand that MET make a disclosure of parked traffic [as opposed to drive thru] on that particular day [then count the spaces in the car park] . If they refuse they will lose in Court. If they provide the information then-in the case of Boreham Services- they will lose as they will themselves demonstrate no loss.

  12. Marcia Wade says

    Not anymore! I have just got a 50 pounds fine from McDonalds in Boreham Interchange and the manager refuses to call or email the MET. I was in Mc Donalds restaurant and play area for 2 hours with my children and wasn’t aware of the 90 minutes limit for maximum stay. It is a complete rip off. All the store manager did was to hand me a appeal form to send to MET and hope for the best! It is very wrong indeed.

  13. Lozzer says

    I work for a company that has 8 “charges” on the go for vehicles over staying their welcome at McDonalds from MET. MET’s letters are a legal joke and it can be fun to respond sometimes just to see what excuses and threats they come up with, though usually they are just ignored.

  14. Steve says

    Its been months since ive had any letters, they do give up in the end.

    Ive not eaten Mcdonalds since, must have spent 200pounds a year there, no more.

  15. Tony Noon says

    My wife and me have just got caught up in this neverending story. We were sent a “fine” of £125 by Ukpc for staying 23 minutes too long at Mcdonald’s at Tankersley nr Sheffield. After an angry email from me saying we knew nothing about the maximum stay policy they reduced the charge to fifty quid.
    Still unhappy I referred the matter to Mcdonald’s Customer Service Manager in London and got a typical up yours reply.
    Rather than see an escalation of the fee followed by threats , I have paid up but told both Mcdonald’s and Ukpc that I will recover the money by not using Mcdonald’s for the rest of year.
    I propose to list details of meals eaten elsewhere and send to Mcdonald’s in January in the form of a disloyalty card.

  16. Steve says

    I think my fine went up to about 200, then started to come down again,on the last letter. Its been 5 months without a word from them.

    Can understand why you sent them a fifty to get them off your back.

    But there was no reason to worry. They cant do anything. The law isn’t on there side.

    On the moneysavingexpert site shows you all the letters you will receive, so no surprises when opening your post.

  17. sarah says

    i have recieved a fine i have also spoke to the manager of mcdonalds and he was very rude saying they couldnt do anything about it, some of you are sayin ignore it they cant do anything some of you are sayin write a email to mcdonalds head off , please advise me what i should do as i am a single parent and cant afford this £125 to be bigger many thanks

    • M.Deces says

      Sarah ignore letters to date and those that will follow over the coming months. Do not reply to them or respond to any phone calls -assuming you are in the tel. directory. They try to wear you down and frighten you into paying. Their business model is a percentage game clawing a bit of money at each letter. Bottom line is that, even assuming that you admitted to being the driver, they can not risk going to the county court as any award would be pitance (a DJ on the ball would kick the claim into touch being as their charge is in effect a penalty and strictly unenforceable at law) and they would have to bear their own costs ( as the case is flawed by virtue of the attempt to extract a penalty) . So why would they risk going to court? Game plan blown out of the water and the internet would roast them. Any probs just post and I’ll answer.

      PS Check my post of 13.4.2012.

  18. Steve says

    Good advice for Sarah,

    9 months now since ive had any letters now, keep your cool.

    All the letters are on, so you will have no unexpected letters.

  19. andy says

    I travelled 200 miles to pick up my nephew and his new wife from Gatwick in June< parked in mc donalds at Gatwick to have 2 breakfasts and received met parking fine for overstaying the limit. THE CAR PARK WAS FULL OF POSH TAXIS AT 7AM IN MORNING
    Looked through sites like these and also the watchdog interview when I got my first fixed penalty notice which helped me decide not to pay!
    My wife has left the decision in my hands whether to pay or not….
    I have just received my 3rd legal notice and payment is now due of £125 and even though I am a little twitchy I am going to stand firm –

  20. Steve says

    It was the same for me, Andy after a few months the letters stop.

    Its all a distant memory, never received a phone call or anyone knocking at the door, just ride the wave.

    My big mac days are now a thing of the past.

    Dont park at Mcdonalds anymore, ive heard they can clamp you there, as its there property.



  21. John says

    I overstayed 17 minutes at the Stansted McDonalds and was “fined”.
    I sent them £50 (their concession for early payment) and I objected on the grounds that I overstayed because I felt unwell. (I am 68 and am suffering the after effects of blood cancer.)
    They returned my cheque. I thought it over, I thought they had used their discretion.
    Now I have a letter demanding £100 with the threat of costs.

    My view is that they were after the full “fine” all along.

  22. jeff says

    met parking wish to preserve annonymity by hiding behind the protection of po box numbers.however,i have found that one of their directors has a connection in the “harrow” area.exactly what this is i am unable to remember,but from memory it cold have something to do with either ,their actual trading address,his home address,or another company that he is associated with.

  23. Sara says

    I just received a fine today! I can not believe a restaurant can fine its customers for eating in its restaurant! Had i not had the fine in front of me right now I would have thought it impossible! I have just sent off a message via their website saying i think it is ridiculous as I am (was) a genuine customer with two young children and I feel I am being punished for ordering ice cream and teas after the meal. There is also a climbing frame and slide outside the restaurant which surely encourages children to stay longer after their meal as they are not able to play on it whilst eating. I am so angry but my email to them was very polite and to the point. We shall see now if they will waive it. If they do not I am going straight to the store tomorrow to ask the manager to waive the fine. If he does not I will call for everyone’s (customers) attention in the restaurant and politley tell them that I have been fined £50 for eating there on my 3 years old son’s birthday and the manager seems to think this is acceptable. I will then contact the local paper and the make sure everyone in Solihull knows about the fines. I will then completely ignore all the letters and I nor my family will ever eat in any Mcdonalds restaurant anywhere in the world again! Will let you know how I get on :-)

  24. Steve says


    Just put the letters in the bin, and try to forget about it.

    You shouldn’t make contact,they want you to write to them, the result wanted is not to pay, its been almost a year now, with no more letters.

    And lost weight, my big mac days are over.

  25. cazz says

    my daughter works at mcdonalds in tankersley sheffield and they now say that staff can not park in the car park and if they do they will be fined they now have to park in tankersley manor car park. my daughter hates the dark and woks odd hours eg 10pm to 6am / 9pm to 4am i dont think its safe for her to have to walk all that way in dark on her own

  26. John lomas says

    I to have just received two fines today. I work away at Gatwick Airport for extended periods of time. I use the Mcdonalds at the South terminal roundabout on a regular basis, up to two times a day. When I got back home after a months work I found two of these tickets waiting for me. Upon return to Gatwick I approached the manager at the site explaining my frequent use of the site and the fact I was ten minutes over the time, given in a nice and polite manner but was refused any help at all saying ‘if I do yours then I would have to do everyone’s.’ Your advice has failed completely to work as I am sure it has done for many other people. Don’t think I will paying any fine’s though after reading what other people have said.

  27. Paul says

    Same story for me today. McDonalds in Eltham on A205 SE London.

    I visited with #1 son and had a sat down meal. Then drove to watch #2 son play in his football game which I actually refereed so I could not be in 2 places at same time.

    Re-visited the same McDonalds with son #2 via the DriveThru so didn’t even park there and left.

    Cameras claim I was there for 159minutes but there is no record mentioned of the first time I left or the second time I arrived.


    I am writing an appeal to this Met Parking Services company, the McDonalds Manager, Lewisham Borough Council as well as to Boris Johnson the London Mayor to highlight these absurd practices being used to fleece money from people.

    I would recommend people view the Watchdog link from above as these letters hold no legal weight and not worth the paper they are written on:

    • MoneyhighStreet Staff says

      Thanks for posting the link to the Watchdog video, Paul.

      I like the way that the traffic consultant showed how to deal with the threatening letter from MET Parking – he made a paper plane out of it!

  28. Sally H says

    Same story, met a friend (we are both retired) equal distance to travel and meet up at Macdonalds in all Saints way West Bromwich. Didn’t think signs which are not visible until you are well inside car park applied to “paying” customers. Admit I didn’t read the small print as I didn’t think it applied to me!! we both got PCN’s a few weeks later, so I went back to see Duty Manager, couldn’t help. Mailed Customer Services got a similar response to others, just told me there is an appeal process to follow. We are both law abiding citizens and thus far have not responded to MET. Should we now appeal (we all know the outcome). Someone please offer some realistic advice.

  29. Walker A says

    I recently received a £100 charge notice from MET for overstating my welcome by 15 minutes at McDonald’s Milton Heights Service Area, Didcot. I normally meet my business partner at the restaurant for lunch. On this occasion my partner was delayed but we had lunch as normal. I was not aware that there were any restriction on the length of stay and I was totally surprised to receive a parking notice. I sent in an appeal via the MET website but it has been rejected on the grounds that there were signs present. What a way for McDonald’s to conduct their business. I will speak with the manager next and if that fails they can take me to court although from what I have read here the will eventually go away. The fine is totally disproportionate and unnecessary it is merely a scam to make money out of their own customers. Do Not Pay and boycott all McDonalds, spread the word

  30. Ron says

    Just received a Charge Notice from UKPC, Mc Donalds parking enforcers in Scotland. It seems they are the only restaurant in Scotland that operates parking fines. After reading other articles it seems this restaurant upsets it customers –

    After reading the above comments I will not be paying

  31. Sharon says

    My 80 yr old father was taken ill in McDonalds so he overstayed the 1 hr maximum stay by 16 minutes.

    He received a £100 PCN which is not going to be paid. It’s been referred to POPA (which costs Met Parking £30) and will very likely be cancelled by them. I’ve also written to Jill McDonald, the Chief Executive Officer at McDonalds UK to ask for her views that Met Parking is so unsympathetic to elderly, disabled and unwell customers.

    • Sharon says

      I have just read the POPLA Annual Report. I noted that between October 2012 and March 2013, MET Parking submitted 40 evidence packs to POPLA in respect of customers who’d appealed against parking charges. In 35 of those 40 cases (87%) POPLA agreed with the motorist rather than MET Parking and the charge was cancelled.

  32. Sharon says

    I won my POPLA appeal against MET Parking. The charge was not a genuine pre-estimate of loss and therefore not enforceable,

    The Parking Prankster has written about my case in his blog which can be found here:

    Met Parking are just cowboys out to make a living from scaring drivers into paying. Challenge them. They won’t win. Appeal to the Parking Company, they will refuse the appeal, then you can appeal to POPLA. The good thing about that is that it costs you nothing and costs the parking company around £30. If you use the wording that the charge is “not a genuine pre-estimate of loss”, the POPLA arbitrator will throw it out.

  33. says

    My fiancee went to a Macs in Newcastle upon tyne and parked the car in the carpark. She read the notice that if anyone was over staying a 90 minute period they had to inform the staff. They had probs with their laptop and decided to try and address it. she informed a member of staff twice that she was staying over the limited time and they stated that it was fine. When they got a parking charge for 60 pound they realised it wasnt fine. They contacted Macs and the lady member of staff who had stated fine {was the correct word?} said she would contact the company issuing the fine and cancel it. Two weeks on another letter arrives demanding a hundred pounds with threats of court action!! The lady at Macs was contacted again and said she would try and contact them. My partner is stressed out as she has no criminal convictions whatsoever as they threatened her with the words -we will put your name on a blacklist with companies you deal with!!! The parking firm is based in liverpool ! chancers!!!

  34. David Healy says

    Hi there, just like to say thanks for the advice. I’ve just received a UKPC charge notice(£50.00) for an overstay (2hrs 1min) in a MacDonalds car park. I called the MacDonalds manager and explained that I never saw the parking notices and that I was eating in their premises. I did fess up that I was a regular customer and that I was using their wi fi to send business emails. The manager was very helpful, took my reg and charge ref no and has offered to email the UKPC and instruct them to cancel the charge and any follow up letters!!! Happy days!!

  35. Maz says

    I went into mcdonalds with my family for lunch after swimming. Our car was parked only for the twenty minutes that we were in there. While we were eating, the met guy came on his bike. Came inside and asked for my reg. number. He looked into his book and told me my car was ok. A few days ago I received a met parking fine on behalf of mcdonalds.
    I went straight to see the manager and asked him to look at the CCTV camera which would prove it all.
    The manager said he will phone them. I hope he does.
    I will not pay and I am fed up with companies trying to rip the public off.

    • marc peniket says

      hi all i just had one of these notices come though work , i use mcdonalds alot to hold and meet clients we buy food and drinks on that morning myself and my client most had spent over £15.00 on drinks and food
      as soon as i had the email from my company asking for £100 went stright round to the macdonalds and ask the manager to do the above he refused and said that it was none of his business , it was all done by MET parking , the manager was rude and not help fully again , will not be using the macdonalds on all saints way west bromwich again if this is how they treat there customers .

      i am so angry with macdonalds charging people for eating. I WILL NOT BE PAYING

  36. chris says

    i got one of these parking charges just told them i was not going to pay it and i would not be going to their so called fast food outlets again.and to stick it

  37. Ian dale says

    I have just had one of these ‘penalty charge notices’ after I spent over £50 in 3 shifts feeding children at McDonalds Eltham. I complained to the customer services department but they sent me a routine response with some patronising drivel and suggested I contact MET direct, fully knowing that would be a frustrating waste of my time.

    I’m writing directly to the UK Managing Director, Mr Paul Pomroy, to complain and will be disputing the charge all the way to POPLA.

    I wish I could tell McDonalds where to go but as a divorced father forced to live away from his children I have precious few other options to go to.

  38. MoneyhighStreet Staff says

    Thanks for these comments about this continuing problem with McDonalds and MET.

    It is amazing that McDonalds are still subjecting their customers to these fines when they are causing so much damage to their reputation.

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