Foreign Exchange: Pound Rises Against The US Dollar

Written by Julian Stone.  February 29, 2012

The Pound rose yesterday towards its highest level in three weeks against the US Dollar after a CBI report raising optimism that the UK economy will avoid a technical recession this quarter.

Can Gambling Or The Lottery Help With Debt Problems?

Written by Peter Thompson.  February 29, 2012

Over two thirds of UK adults admit to debt problems and with many falling further into debt some are turning to the lottery, gambling and payday loans to help – are these good options to consider?

Brits Find Being Underinsured Is A Mistake That Costs

Written by Julian Stone.  February 27, 2012

Whilst many people buy home insurance, over 60% don’t read the full terms and conditions and end up with a ‘costly mistake’ as they find they are underinsured.

Don’t Drive Whilst Unfit With A Bad Cold Or Flu

Written by Peter Thompson.  February 24, 2012

Driving whilst under the influence of drugs of alcohol is a clear taboo, not least because it carries a hefty penalty. Many drivers though take to the road whilst unfit due to a bad cold or flu, with sneezing implicated in road accidents resulting in various penalties.

Finding Cheap Travel Insurance in your Autumn Years

Written by MoneyHighStreet Staff.  February 23, 2012

There’s no avoiding the fact that once you turn 65, insurers of all types are going to shy away from offering you their products and this is especially true for travel insurance.

Foreign Exchange: Pound Falls Against Euro And Other Currencies

Written by Peter Thompson.  February 23, 2012

Following the release of the Bank of England minutes yesterday, the Pound fell against the Euro and other major currencies on the foreign exchange markets.

Should It Be Burgundy Or Bordeaux Wine Investment?

Written by Julian Stone.  February 23, 2012

As interest in alternative asset investment grows, investing in fine wine is becoming popular. With the traditional Bordeaux region a stable and predictable way to diversify and grow an investment portfolio is this a better option than backing Burgundy?

Is Inheritance A Dying Trend?

Written by Julian Stone.  February 22, 2012

Despite struggling with ther personal finances and trying to save money where they can, the majority of this generation’s parents anticipate they won’t have money to leave their children. Is inheritance therefore a dying trend?

Do You Use Your Mobile Phone In Bed?

Written by Peter Thompson.  February 22, 2012

The mobile phone is taking over, or so it seems as most users now have little worry using their phone in any situation – whether it be in bed, at dinner, in a public toilet or even at a wedding or christening or other religious ceremony.

Are You Planning Your Wedding? Have You Got Everything Covered?

Written by Peter Thompson.  February 21, 2012

With wedding planning underway for many couples looking to tie the knot this year, no doubt invitations, wedding dresses and ceremonies top the ‘To Do’ list, but what about wedding insurance cover in case it all goes wrong?

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