Credit Cards Being Used To Cover Household Bills

Written by MoneyHighStreet Staff.  May 28, 2010

Credit cards are being relied upon to cover household bills by almost 5 million people, according to new findings from

Petrol Prices Fall At Sainsbury’s Too

Written by Chris Ray.  May 28, 2010

Asda took the lead and reduced petrol prices down to 113.9p per litre this week, and I was only congratulating them about this yesterday. Well it looks like Sainsbury’s are following Asda’s lead as their unleaded petrol has also been reduced to 113.9p per litre.

Is You Family Playcation Covered By Travel Insurance?

Written by MoneyHighStreet Staff.  May 27, 2010

A family ‘playcation’ is set to be this year’s biggest new holiday trend but are you covered for such adventurous or hazardous activities by your travel insurance?

Asda Should Be Congratulated For Market Leading Petrol Price Cuts

Written by Chris Ray.  May 27, 2010

Whenever I drive past my local supermarket, I invariably glance at the petrol prices. Over the last few months, prices seem to have gone up on almost a daily basis. The last week or so has seen a welcome fall in fuel prices, however.

Petrol Prices Cut By Asda Again

Written by MoneyHighStreet Staff.  May 27, 2010

Petrol prices are being cut by Asda for the second time in a week, bringing unleaded and diesel down to £113.9p and 116.9p per litre respectively.

Foreign Exchange: Pound rises against the Euro

Written by MoneyHighStreet Staff.  May 26, 2010

Monday saw the Pound rise by the most against the Euro in almost two weeks, up 1.1%, and this trend resumed through the course of Tuesday.

Father’s Day Ideas And Special Offers

Written by Diane Ray.  May 26, 2010

With Fathers Day fast approaching the question for many will be what to buy as a present? here’s our round-up of ideas with the all important special offers.

John Lewis Price Matching Offers

Written by Diane Ray.  May 26, 2010

John Lewis is price matching a competitor again – but be quick to benefit though as it won’t last long.

Landlords Good News: Rents Are On The Rise

Written by MoneyHighStreet Staff.  May 26, 2010

Good news for landlords as according to the latest RICS Lettings Survey, a lack of rental property is pushing rents higher.

What Financial Confessions Do You Have to Make?

Written by Chris Ray.  May 26, 2010

We all have some sort of weakness when it comes to money and our finances, but is there anything (financial) that you would willingly confess to?

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