How to manage your money online

Written by Fergal Barry-Murphy.  February 29, 2008

In our last article in our series of money management software reviews we look some of the options that are available online.

Save with an ISA before it is too late

Written by Fergal Barry-Murphy.  February 27, 2008

With the end of the tax year approaching, time is running out to set up your ISA for the coming year. And with some excellent deals available on the ISA market as well as an imminent increase in limits, this is not a year to miss out.

Price cuts make mobile broadband viable

Written by Fergal Barry-Murphy.  February 25, 2008

High costs have kept most British consumers out of the market for mobile internet services over the last year or two. However, prices have become much more affordable recently. We look at the costs and benefits of mobile broadband.

Review of free money management software for the Mac

Written by Fergal Barry-Murphy.  February 22, 2008

Following up on our review of free money management software for the Windows operating system, we now look at what's available for Apple Mac users. And surprisingly, the choice and quality of free personal finance is as good if not better than for Windows.

Amazon Online DVD Rental Service Review

Written by MoneyhighStreet Staff.  February 21, 2008

Watching a movie on DVD is an enjoyable way to spend an evening, however is it better to rent the DVD from a high street chain such as Blockbuster or rent it over the Internet? We review the Amazon online DVD rental service in this article.

Are your savings really safe with Northern Rock?

Written by Fergal Barry-Murphy.  February 20, 2008

The ongoing Northern Rock saga took another significant turn on Sunday as the Government announced that the bank is to be nationalised. This was devastating news for shareholders, while it has caused more jitters among savers. We take a look where your Northern Rock investments stand.

Are you really getting good value from your broadband provider?

Written by Fergal Barry-Murphy.  February 18, 2008

Broadband providers invariably promise lightening fast connection speeds in their advertisements and promotional material. However, once you get connected the reality can be far different. Read our article on what you should look out for when choosing a broadband provider.

Review of free money management software for Windows

Written by Fergal Barry-Murphy.  February 15, 2008

Over the last few weeks we have looked at popular money management applications. Then we thought, what could be better than money management software that costs nothing at all? So, this week we look at some of the best free personal finance software available for download.

How to live the free life and maintain your income

Written by Fergal Barry-Murphy.  February 13, 2008

Are you tired of the miserable winters, the long commutes, and the 9-5 drudgery? If so, there may be another way. Can you imagine spending your winters on a tropical beach while still earning an income. If so, read on.

Brits set to splash out for Valentine's Day

Written by Fergal Barry-Murphy.  February 12, 2008

Romance is in the air this week and according to new research Brits aren't afraid to splash out on their loved ones. We take a closer look at Britain's £1.6 billion Valentine's Day bill.

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