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Easy Ways to Save Money – Without Going Without

Easy ways to save money
When your wallet is close to starvation and you think it’s time to make a few cut backs but you don’t want to give up your favourite things in life, you can. You can avoid a huge rack of household debt by making a few simple changes, substituting things for cheaper and often better alternatives. Read more »

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How Much Money Do You Have In Your Car?

Cleaning your car may not be top of your list of things to do but it may be worth a rethink of your priorities. Read more »

1 October 2014 11:25AM

What's the Cheapest Stag Weekend Destination?

No longer is it a Stag or Hen night, rather it's a 'Do', meaning a Hen or Stag Weekend or even longer. But where is it cheapest to go? Where can you go without spending an absolute fortune and in the process upset your marriage even before it starts? Read more »

22 September 2014 1:14PM

Did You Know That The Paper Tax Disc Is About To Be Scrapped?

Are you aware that in just two weeks, at the beginning of October, the paper tax disc that we currently have to display on our car windscreen will no longer have to be displayed? Also, did you know that from the same date it will no longer be possible to transfer the residual tax to the new owner when a car is sold? Read more »

18 September 2014 5:30PM

Will You Switch to Oink Energy?

There's a new energy supplier on the block, ready perhaps to challenge the Big 6 energy suppliers with its 'straight-forward solution for straight-talking people'. But what's the offer, is it worth switching to? Read more »

16 September 2014 3:33PM

Banks and Building Societies Slash Mortgage Interest Rates

A number of banks and building societies have announced reductions in mortgage interest rates across a range of fixed term and buy to let mortgages, which is welcome news for borrowers. Read more »

15 September 2014 8:44AM

Pensioners Flock To Dorset For Retirement Bliss

Dorset has emerged as being the most desirable place to retire, according to new research by Prudential. This supports the fact that Dorset has the largest population of retirees. Read more »

12 September 2014 5:53AM