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Euro Stronger Against the Pound

The Euro against the Pound strengthened today after the Pound still struggled in the aftermath of the weaker inflation data reported last week. Read more »

19 August 2014 7:32PM

Pound Starts the Week Stronger

The Pound has started the week in a stronger position than it ended last week following comments by the Bank of England Governor over the weekend. Read more »

18 August 2014 8:39PM

Pound Trades at 4-Month Low Against the US Dollar

The Pound continued to trade at a 4-month low against the US Dollar, even though the UK GDP was better than expected. It was equally little changed against the Euro, despite the Eurozone reporting generally poor domestic data. Read more »

15 August 2014 8:47PM

Do You Have the Right Holiday Travel Money?

Are you heading off on holiday this summer? Have you got the right holiday travel money? Some holidaymakers are falling into currency confusion and taking Euros to a non-Euro country. Be careful to take the right legal tender to your holiday destination. Read more »

14 August 2014 9:49AM

Sterling Falls Against the US Dollar

Whilst sterling performed well yesterday against both the US Dollar and the Euro, today, unsurprisingly, it has weakened against the US Dollar in response to the latest unemployment and average wage figures. The Euro itself is being challenged by the German ZEW Economic Sentiment index being lower than forecast. Read more »

13 August 2014 10:31AM

Are You Ready for Your Gap Year?

It's almost time for exam results to be released, so too is it a popular time for planning or setting off on a gap year. If you're about to enjoy a gap year make sure you're as ready and organised as you can be, including getting your best financial solutions in place. Read more »

12 August 2014 8:58AM