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Banks and Building Societies Slash Mortgage Interest Rates

A number of banks and building societies have announced reductions in mortgage interest rates across a range of fixed term and buy to let mortgages, which is welcome news for borrowers. Read more »

15 September 2014 8:44AM

Pensioners Flock To Dorset For Retirement Bliss

Dorset has emerged as being the most desirable place to retire, according to new research by Prudential. This supports the fact that Dorset has the largest population of retirees. Read more »

12 September 2014 5:53AM

EDF Energy Reduces Its Cheapest Tariff

With autumn around the corner, consumers will be pleased to learn that EDF Energy has cut the cost of its cheapest tariff. EDF claim that this will now become the cheapest tariff offered by the major energy suppliers. Read more »

11 September 2014 12:53PM

Is It Cheaper To Send Your Child To A Private School?

Many parents are willing to go to great lengths to help ensure their child gets a place at a top performing school. Would you move house to be within a school catchment area to secure a place? How much extra would you be prepared to pay for your property? Is it cheaper to send your child to a private school? Read more »

10 September 2014 2:33PM

Do You Need Free Debt Advice?

Help is on hand if you're struggling with debt problems as following an injection of funding the Money Advice Service is set to help almost 60,000 more people with free debt advice in England and Wales this year. Read more »

9 September 2014 2:17PM

How Much Holiday Travel Money Have You Got Lying Around?

Are you short of cash? Maybe it's time to check the holiday travel money you have lying around the house. According to Zopa, the average household has just over £110 leftover, a rather useful amount to have. Read more »

8 September 2014 3:28PM