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Real Estate Rules: Open House Dos and Don'ts for Buyers

Attending some open house viewings is a great way of getting a feel for the ideal type of property that you would like to buy Read more »

19 May 2014 6:11PM

How Often do You Break the UK Speed Limit?

Even though you might get caught, fined or have to attend a speed awareness course or even get banned from driving, it seems the majority of drivers still break the UK speed limit. Do you? Read more »

11 March 2014 12:21PM

How Quickly Can You Choose Your New Home?

It might be one of the most important and expensive decisions to make but for many it seems choosing a new home requires less time than it takes to watch an episode of EastEnders or Coronation Street. Read more »

17 January 2014 2:31PM

Are You Wasting Money on Subscription TV?

The average monthly subscription for pay to watch TV is over £40 and yet over half of those who pay, watch their subscription-only channels less than once a month. Surely this is a waste of money, isn't it? Are there better ways to spend your money? Read more »

13 January 2014 10:32PM

Make your Ski Safety a Top Priority

There is already plenty of snow in many ski resorts and with the main ski season almost upon, do remember safety on the slopes is a top priority. Read more »

11 December 2013 5:38PM

Is Your House Ready for Winter?

All thoughts may currently be on preparing for Christmas, but have you prepared your house for winter? It really is important to 'winter-proof' your home to help avoid the cost and inconvenience of making a claim on your home insurance should the worst happen. Read more »

10 December 2013 5:37PM